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Our Vision

The chateau appears to have a rich history spanning circa 700 years. We still have lots to learn about its past, but we can't wait to be part of its future. We know from speaking to villagers, some of whom have known the chateau for more than eighty years, that in the last century she has changed hands only a couple of times. In the early part of the 1900's the chateau was split into two sections, representing the owner's main living quarters and the help's quarters. During the second world war, it provided shelter to refugees from the Alsace. The oldest part of the chateau is its highest part furthest from the tower. It is believed that at some point this part of the chateau was a monastery - there are remnants of ecclesiastical arched windows and doors. Over the years, different segments of the building have been added, eventually connecting the tower (pigeonnier) to the main residence. 

We can't wait to give the chateau a new lease of life, after being left to decay for several decades. Some of those plans will require major works to the entrance and internal staircases to provide new features befitting the chateau. We also plan (with some professional help) to rewire the entirety of the property, replace all of the windows, plumbing, install underfloor heating across the first two floors, and replace and insulate the roof. Then there is the small matter of creating 12 bedrooms and bathrooms and sanding and repointing a few thousand square metres of stone walls.

Once complete, we are planning to open our doors to welcome guests in a variety of different ways; from week-long gite stays, and weekend bed and breakfast getaways, to leadership and wellbeing retreats. We are looking to combine our various passions and skills (Nick is the founder of Wellbeing Republic and works as a wellbeing and leadership coach and consultant and Nicole recently joined forces with him as a leadership coach and facilitator having been until very recently the Head of Learning and Development at a major law firm in London). Add to that our love of nature, good food (and wine) and of course, adventure, and you can understand why we are so excited to bring our vision to life!

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